The new Flash Player has been released. The player called Flash Player 10. This version brings a lot of new features. Check it out:

Top features

3D effects (New)
Engaging interfaces using built-in support for 3D effects.

Custom filters and effects (New)
Create high-performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences.

Vector data type (New)
Use the new typed array class for better performance, efficiency, and error checking of data.

Speex audio codec (New)
Offers a low-latency alternative for voice encoding.

Advanced text support (New)
Brings print-quality publishing to the web, building on more than 25 years of Adobe expertise in typography.

Dynamic Streaming (New)
Show exceptional video with streams that automatically adjust to changing network conditions.

Dynamic sound generation (New)
Use enhanced sound APIs to dynamically generate audio

Drawing API (Enhanced)
Perform runtime drawing more easily with restyleable properties

Hardware acceleration (Enhanced)
Use the hardware processing power of the graphics card to paint SWF files into the browser

You can download Flash Player 10
You can see one of the website using Flash Technology (acording to Adobe)
And a new technology of SWF searchability


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