They call it Time Saver.
Here are those features:

Animate in fewer steps TIME-SAVER
Animate objects with a single click. Add motion tweens in Adobe® Flash® CS4 Professional without hand-creating keyframes or writing a line of code. This efficient new animation model means there’s never been a better time to try your hand at Flash.

Fine-tune animations fast TIME-SAVER

Quickly tune motions, transformations, color effects, and more with the intuitive Motion Editor panel. Adjust simple Bezier curves to control changes between keyframes. What once required painstaking hours of work is made faster with this single easy-to-use  panel.

Save hours of work with prebuilt animations TIME-SAVER
Jump-start your project with prebuilt animations that can be applied to any object. Select from dozens of presets or create and save your own. Share presets with others to save animation time.

Create chain-like animations in a snap TIME-SAVER
Skip tedious script writing to create chain-like animations. With the Bones tool, quickly draw links between symbols and apply inverse kinematics without code. Then manipulate the combined actions of your animations with ease using the Motion Editor panel.

Intuitively achieve 3D motion TIME-SAVER
Animate 2D objects through 3D space with new easy-to-use 3D transformation and rotation tools — no handwritten scripting required. Apply local or global transformation to any object.

Turn symbols into instant design tools TIME-SAVER
Apply symbols in a variety of ways: Quickly create kaleidoscope-like effects and apply fills using the Deco tool, or randomly spray symbols across any defined area using the Spray Brush.

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