This I would like to review one of a flash website template from This template is called Gray Studio.

From design point of view, it has a simple design. Easy to use and very friendly human interaction. It has not much flash effects and that kind of things, but it has enough to show that it is a flash website. You might have to change the icon because it does not represent its content (menu).

To my opinion, this template is more than enough for a simple website. So if you need a company website which needs basic things (menu), this template is sufficient. But if you need some more stuff in your website, you might need more menu in it and you have to make some modification on it. But since it is often that a company need only basic stuffs, still this template is quite considerable to be taken as your website template.

Flashmo gives you the source (fla) for free and you can use it as you want. They just suggest you to put “designed by”. SCORE 3 out of 5.

Here you can see the demo and DOWNLOAD (Gray Studio : free flash template demo)

PS: You need Adobe CS3 (v9) to edit the source and use AS3 for the script

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