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Children like geography very much. They somehow love to see different part of the world. It is also important for parents/teachers to teach awarness of space to children. So then they will understand atleast who are their neighbor countries, which are has similar characteristics.

This educational flash game is a nice piece of work from on introducing different part of the world espeacially to children. It has simplicity and userfriendlyness. These two features are very important because we are dealing with children. Every educational games for children should be easy to play.

Here are some of its features.

1. There are several maps to choose : Europe, USA, Central America, South America, Canada,  USA, Australia, Africa, and Middle East.

2. You are given a name of country/state then you have to choose its location on the map.

3. Every correct answer gives you 10 points. Every incorrect answer gives you -5.

4. You can pause the game at any time.

So then, have a play with it!

Educational Flash Games : Geography – Europe

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