As a newbie in learning Adobe Flash, I start the lesson by making the drawing of Sponge Bob. Actually, the drawing is not orginally made by me because it is the duplication of the picture that was given by Mr. Priyanto and I duplicate it step by step.

The first step is by importing the picture from the library by using the file – import – import from library commands. After selecting and importing the picture of the uncoloured Spongebob, I drag that picture from the library and adjust the size of the picture so it can be duplicated quite easily. The next step is by following the pattern of the picture using “line” tool and the type of the “line” tool is the smooth one so the result of the pattern will be as smooth as possible. Moreover, I use the contrast culture like red so we can see the difference between the background and the duplication. The process of duplicating the picture should be done carefully so the duplicate picture will look the same as the original picture. It takes several minutes to finish the duplication process.

Sometimes, I use the “brush” tool to duplicate the patterns which are quite big such as the holes that spread over Spongebob’s body. Last, the coloring process is the most fun things that I’ve ever done because I can color the picture by using the “paint bucket tool”.

To make it real, I see the picture of the real Spongebob to adjust the color. Finally, the duplicate picture of the Spongebob has done and I’m very proud that the picture was selected by Mr. Priyanto to be shown in front of the classroom.

Sponge Bob – SWF Flash Download (Right Click -> Save Target As/Save Link As)

- Yessy Purnamasari –

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