This piece is made by “Frame by frame”. No other features except selection tools, eraser tools, and others basic tools. It does not use Layer, guide, and another advanced tool. You can see that the picture is not too smooth. This piece is so simple. You only use

Frame by frame and make it different from one frame to another frame. I just learned the Flash for only 3 meeting. I got the inspiration from the Ninja’s movie that I watched. Yes, I didn’t know how to use layer, guide, transform, and other tools at that time. I just draw and draw.

Now I know making something in flash can express my imagination. I can make my imagination becomes true in this flash. I hope I can make another piece as time goes by my skill would be developed.

Special thanks to Mr. Priyanto for your Advice and guidance. Let’s make something comes true. In this flash software of course.

Cheer up…

Robot Fighting – SWF Flash Download (Right Click -> Save Target As/Save Link As)

Rizky Prayudha Perdana    (hayatte_kun [ad] yahoo.co.id)

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