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It is my first time drawing a picture in Flash. I decided to draw penguins. As we know, penguins life in pole area or snow land. So I draw snow land for the background. Drawing the penguins, I was inspired by looking penguin picture in the internet. Let’s begin…



Layer 1

Happy feet contains of two layers. The first layer, as the background of the picture shows two clouds, a sun, birds, sea, and snow land. The sun is made of a circle and some line to show as the light. Then the clouds are made of three circles which are arranged to make a cloud and it is given blue color as the fill. To make the sea, I put blue color. The blue colors are different between the clouds and the sea. I put some birds, I don’t make it detail. I just draw two little black line to make a bird. I don’t give any color at the land, because it is imagined is a land that full of snow.


Layer 2

The layer two contains of three penguins and some little gray circles as the snow. Actually I just draw a penguin, and then I copy it become three penguins. The penguin are made by a big circle for the body, a circle for the stomach, a circle for the forehead, two circles for the eyes, and two circles for the feet. I give the hands, beak, and the hair manually by using eyedropper tool, and give those the color. In this layer, I also add some little gray circles as the snow.

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