Everyone know Angry Birds for sure. This very well know game is one of the most popular game for this years. Every one knows it, every one plays it. But did we know that this game is based on a Physics concept of projectile movement/simulation?

We remember that projectile simulation is one of the most popular Physics knowledge to understand when we were at high school. This knowledge is very basic to understand a more complicated Physics knowledge. Unfortunately for some students, understanding this thing is not that easy. They sometimes lack of imagination to visualize the movement of the projectile in their mind. They also confuse with the formula which, for them, too complicated.

This educational animation is very helpful for a student to visualize how projectile simulation works and understand the concept. And best part is the animation is packed in gaming style. Thanks to Jay and Nadina for this wonderful educational animation. We hope that more people are participating in developing this kind of useful animation.

Save this link to download Projectile Simulation

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