How many times you teach your students but they still do not understand?

Being a teacher/lecturer of any of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or any other subjects, the above phenomenon often happens.

One of the main reason is communication. I hear I forget, I see I Know, I do I Understand, this explain what is happening. 

Based on research of De Porter, a man could understand the subject as much as 70% of what is done, 50% of what is seen and heard (audio visual), 30% what is seen (visual), and only 20% form what is heard (audio) and only 10% from what is read. So driving the learning into more interactive and involving as much human sense as possible, we can have more effective learning. This can be achieved by animation. More over,  we can have learning process more fun using animation 

This compact book contains step-by-step tutorial for making animation to visualize the material so that the lessons more interactive and alive. There is no problem if you don’t have any Flash background or technical skill, because this book is also equipped with a Flash introduction chapter that is easily followed.

This book contains fundamental kind of educational animation. If you are able make those fundamental animation, then you will be easily make other educational animations. 

This book contains dozens of tutorials that are prepared step by step and fully illustrated with pictures. Step by step simple and easy to follow. There are 4 subjects/lectures that became a case study tutorial in this book, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Four subjects are to become a bugbear for most students. In each subject there were 3 cases of simple cases to a slightly more complicated. This means that there are total 12 case studies. At the end of the book provided a bonus tutorial in making an interactive quiz using Flash.

In each tutorial reference is provided, which is quoted material from the encyclopedia or text book lessons. In addition, equipped with the homework that will test the understanding and enrich your experience in making educational animation.

To be more simple and practical, the book also features a CD that contains:
1. Step by step Video for every single tutorial. 
So you for you who accustomed to using video in learning, you can get it.

2. All flash project files used in each tutorial (fla and swf).
So you will have the result of every tutorial in swf.
You will also have a ready to use tutorial in exe
You will also have the fla files that you can customize to obtain educational animatioan as you want.
The more interesting thing is that you can have those project files in Adobe Flash CS3, Flash 8, and Macromedia MX 2004.

3. All materials needed (images, video, object, etc.)
So you don’t have to make it. We have already made it for you


So.. just follow the step by step tutorial in the book or the CD. Then.. you will see the learning experience become more effective and fun!

PS: Get this book in Gramedia, Palasari or any other book store.